Curator Features


Importing videos into Curator could not be easier. Upload your files to our secure server and you are ready to go. Your videos are available online at any time.


Your video files are always at your fingertips in Curator. It only takes a moment to search for one video, a whole project, or even a specific word. Your company’s entire video library is finally in one place.


Curator makes it easy to communicate among your team. Why tell somebody about what was said when you could show them? Curator’s transcription services capture every word in a video. Your content is organized and searchable.


Edit your content into video clips and store them in categories. Invite team members to collaborate on projects. Whether you need to review a video, make a library, or produce a final video for a presentation... Curator does it all.

Control your Video. Control Your Costs.

Curator is the new solution for managing large volumes of video in one place. You finally have the tools to upload, organize, and edit your projects on your own time and within your budget. Curator means anyone can be a video editor.

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